Business Analytics specializes in using advanced computation and mathematical techniques to solve critical business problems. Its strengths in research and instruction include operations management, business analytics, information systems, and quantitative methods.

Plan of Study*

Business Analytics Credits
BUS 405 Internship 0-0-12-4
BAN 405 Fundamentals of Business Analytics 3-0-3
BAN 410 Intermediate Business Analytics 3-0-3
BAN 415 Advanced Business Analytics 2-0-2
BAN 420 Customer Analytics 3-0-3
BAN 425 Operations Analytics 3-0-3
BAN 430 People Analytics 3-0-3
ABAN 435 Accounting Analytics 3-0-3
BAN 440 Predictive Analytics 3-0-3
BAN 445 Business Analytics Capstone 2-0-2
TOTAL 25-0-12-29


*Each course has a series of numbers that defines the course. The first number represents the number of lecture hours per week; the second represents the number of lab hours; the third number presents the clinical hours per week; the last number represents the number of credit hours assigned to the course.