The Virginia Business College Security Office is located in Commonwealth Center and provides 24/7 safety and security services for the campus community.  Working with other campus departments, our campus security officers endeavor to enforce college rules, regulations, and laws of Virginia while embracing ethical and respectful practices.  Campus safety officers are trained to respond to emergency and routine security concerns as well as provide support and appropriate referrals to victims of crime.  Like other VBC staff, campus safety officers maintain a close-working relationship with advisors and faculty in an effort to stay informed of pertinent information and updates on security-related issue and concerns.  Safety and security are both personal and shared responsibilities.  Students are encouraged to promptly report concerns or suspicions to the Department of Campus Safety any incidents of theft, vandalism, assault, or suspicious activities or persons.

Security Contact Information:

Leno Rainero, Dean for Administrative Services

For life safety emergencies, dial 911.