Accounting Careers




Senior Staff Accountant

Accounts Payable Specialist

Chief Financial Officer

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Payroll and Collections Accountant

Accounting offers a broad education that prepares undergraduate students for careers in public accounting, private industry, government and nonprofit organizations. 

The accounting concentration track draws on curricula that provide a strong base of traditional technical subject matter and the skills needed for solving complex business problems. This track enables students to continue professional growth over the entire span of their careers. The program emphasizes communication skills and provides the academic background required for leadership positions in business, government, and public accounting

The accounting program leads to a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in accounting, which requires 124 s.h. of credit. Students are granted the B.B.A. upon successful completion of the third and fourth years.

The B.B.A. is not sufficient preparation for Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensure in states that have passed a 150-hour law.

Plan of Study*

Accounting Credits
BUS 405 Internship 0-0-12-4
ACC 405 Spreadsheets 3-0-3
ACC 415 Taxation I 3-0-3
ACC 420 Taxation II 3-0-3
ACC 425 Auditing 3-0-3
ACC 430 Cost & Managerial Accounting 3-0-3
ACC 435 Accounting Information Systems 3-0-3
ACC 440 Intermediate Accounting 3-0-3
BUS 460 Quantitative Analysis for Business 2-0-2
ACC 445 Accounting Capstone 2-0-2
TOTAL 25-0-12-29


*Each course has a series of numbers that defines the course. The first number represents the number of lecture hours per week; the second represents the number of lab hours; the third number presents the clinical hours per week; the last number represents the number of credit hours assigned to the course.