The marketing track concerns itself with all activities related to the marketing and distribution of goods and services, from producers to consumers. Marketing majors research consumer demand for products and services, learn about product and brand management, practice conducting marketing communications campaigns, and learn aspects of advertising, distribution, marketing research, customer relationships, merchandising, marketing communication, retailing, product management, professional selling, and sales.

Virginia Business College utilizes multiple teaching methods, including experiential learning, research experiences, case analyses, and online and face-to-face classroom training to prepare students to solve a variety of marketing problems that arise in our increasingly complex global economy.

Marketing Credits
BUS 405 Internship 0-0-12-4
MKT 410 Marketing Applications 3-0-3
MKT 405 Marketing Fundamentals 3-0-3
MKT 415 Marketing Management Concepts 3-0-3
MKT 420 Marketing Management Tasks 3-0-3
MKT 425 Consumer Behavior 3-0-3
MKT 430 Marketing Tools 3-0-3
MKT 435 Marketing Research 3-0-3
BMKT 440 Business to Business Marketing 2-0-2
MKT 445 Marketing Capstone 2-0-2
TOTAL 25-0-12-29


*Each course has a series of numbers that defines the course. The first number represents the number of lecture hours per week; the second represents the number of lab hours; the third number presents the clinical hours per week; the last number represents the number of credit hours assigned to the course.