Human Resource Management students study how organizations attract, motivate, develop, and retain employees, and how they interact with organizations representing employees. Management studies focus on the activities of leadership, power, decision-making, organizational structure and change, strategy and policy, and the integration of organizational functions.

HR Management Credits
BUS 405 Internship 0-0-12-4
BUS 450 Managing Human Capital 2-0-2
HRM 415 Employment Law 3-0-3
HRM 420 Workforce Planning: Recruitment & Selection 3-0-3
HRM 425 Training and Development 3-0-3
HRM 435 Compensation and Benefits 3-0-3
HRM 435 Organizational Behavior 3-0-3
HRM 440 Change Management 3-0-3
HRM 445 Case Strategies in HR 3-0-3
HRM 450 HR Management Capstone 2-0-2
TOTAL 25-0-12-29


*Each course has a series of numbers that defines the course. The first number represents the number of lecture hours per week; the second represents the number of lab hours; the third number presents the clinical hours per week; the last number represents the number of credit hours assigned to the course.