Management & Leadership track prepares students to become effective managers and team leaders by providing theoretical and conceptual knowledge and by building critical skills such as:

  • analytical research and problem-solving
  • communication
  • critical thinking
  • global applications
  • leadership
  • personal ethics and integrity
  • teamwork

The curriculum includes the fundamentals of the global economy, the world of e-business, ethics, human resource and strategic management, and collaborative team skills. Throughout the program, theories and concepts of management and ethical leadership are enhanced by experiencing and testing them in skill-based exercises, case discussions and real-world, team-based project work.

Management/Leadership Credits
BUS 405 Internship 0-0-12-4
BUS 415 Organizational Behavior 3-0-3
BUS 420 Becoming an Effective Leader 3-0-3
BUS 425 Leadership Styles 3-0-3
BUS 430 Strategic Management 3-0-3
BUS 435 Leading Teams 3-0-3
BUS 440 Change Management & Innovation 3-0-3
BUS 445 Decision Making 3-0-3
BUS 460 Managing Organization/Leading People 2-0-2
BUS 465 Management & Leadership Capstone 2-0-2
TOTAL 25-0-12-29


* Each course has a series of numbers that defines the course. The first number represents the number of lecture hours per week; the second represents the number of lab hours; the third number presents the clinical hours per week; the last number represents the number of credit hours assigned to the course.