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Seniors, what if you didn’t plan for college?

by | Feb 12, 2020

First, congratulations on your upcoming high school graduation!

Guidance counselors are filling their bulletin boards and Twitter accounts with photos of students in their college and military gear as they make decisions for their future after graduation.

Many, if not most seniors, won’t be featured on that board. And that’s ok! Making a decision about next steps that involves money, commitments, the unknown, and potentially affects the rest of your life — is a BIG deal.

If you didn’t plan for college,
If you didn’t take the SAT,
If you didn’t complete the FAFSA,
If you aren’t a good test taker,
If your GPA isn’t that good, 
If your parents didn’t go to college,
If you have NO IDEA how to pay for college,
If you answered yes to any of the above, Virginia Business College’s doors are still open for you.

Virginia Business College offers small classes where teachers are focused on student’s success in business and life. A business degree can land you a job in most any sector — healthcare, education, finance, business management, marketing, government, hospitality, and human services. You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do, and with a business degree, you can change your mind and find a good job.

Virginia Business College is AFFORDABLE. Full-time tuition for one year is $6,600 and they will arrange for monthly payment plans. Students also have opportunities to work on campus in a variety of roles.

Virginia Business College cares more about what you can do with what you know, than a test score. Employers want individuals who are team players, effective communicators, and make good decisions. This is why projects are embedded into all classes and all students will complete an internship before graduation.

The numbers don’t lie. 
College graduates (bachelor’s 
4-year degree) earn $32,112 MORE than a high school graduate and $19,944 MORE than a community college graduate. In fact, most of the BEST business jobs require a 
4-year degree.
Virginia Business College offers the BEST 4-year private tuition rate.

Don’t close the door on college until you apply to Virginia Business College. Application fees have been waived and the College’s application is short and simple. Virginia Business College believes EVERYONE should have access to a quality 4-year degree, even if you didn’t plan for college.

Apply today at and call Elaine Rock at 276–644–3831 if you have any questions. Virginia Business College is located in Bristol, Virginia on the former campus of Virginia Intermont College.